Bonding Agents approved for use in St. Francois County 
As of 2003 bonding agents go through a financial audit each month to ascertain if they, or the company they represent, have adequate funds available for bonds before being approved for bonding during that month.  The final decision is made by the honorable Thomas Ray,  Judge of the St. Francois County Circuit Court division III. 

The approved list is given to Sgt. Dennis Smith, our jail Administrator, and posted throughout the detention facility to be used by the inmates, their families, or any other interested parties.  The detention facility or any of its employees do not endorse or recommend any bonding agent or company. 

Bonding agents 16 May - 15 Jun 2009 

Brenda Dischbein, 573-431-7799** 

LeAnn & Ken Sisk 573-431-6011 
Bobette Crump, 573-431-9788 

Norman Crumpecker, 573-436-9301 

Kory Dischbein, 573-431-9991* 

David & Jill Shy, 573-436-0476 

Tim Tucker, 573-756-3838, 573-701-4800 
Darrell Sumpter, 573-263-1952 
Sheri  Powell, 573-756-3838 
William Sedgwick, 573-915-4455 
Chrysten Whaley, 573-756-3838 

Donald Operle, 573-535-8293 
Tanya Fallert, 573-576-5255; 314-808-0661 

Melba Brown, 573-431-5948 
Tonia Welch, 573-431-7998 
Angie Rion, 573-358-5504 
Donna Cauley, 573-358-1429 
Michael Cross, 573-518-0932 

Anita Meeks, 573-760-1975, 573-783-5245 
Teresa Jenkins, 573-546-0440, 573-366-6620 
Douglas & JoAnn Sparks, 573-883-7463 

Melanie Young, 573-760-9278 

Rhonda Barnett, 573-631-9086/573-431-3841 

Ricky Adams, 636-456-8392 
Brechanna  Belle, 636-451-2544 
Victoria  Joyce, 314-423-1888 
Marion Adams, 314-621-5460 
Derek Stratman Mark Hucker 

Jack Allison 
Nora Bolin 
Lisa Laramore 
Francis Ritravato 
Perry Smith 
Gerrial Stone 

Charles Telle 
William Douglas 
James Ryan 

Phil Childress 

Bob Griffin 

George Dodge 
Linda  Nettles 

Anthony Clay 
John Hutchison 

Raymond Bourbon 
Stanley Clark 

 Stacy Moore 
James Coulter 
Dawn Cords 

Matthew Leffert 
Kelly Butler*** 
Barry Block*** 
Daryl Spector*** 
Steve Spector*** 
Linda Anderson*** 

Dave Strassner 
Lorelei Kuhrts
573-775-5543 / 636-789-4488

*May also write for B. Dischbein 
**May also write for Ricky Adams 
***May also write for Matthew Leffert or Barry Block 

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