St. Francois County Sheriff Dan Bullock recognized early in his first administration that the growing drug problem in the state needed to be addressed with authority and was instrumental in establishing the
Mineral Area Drug Task Force.

The Drug Task Force has done an exceptional job since it's formation, showing that jurisdictional lines can be crossed and agencies can work together when they have a common goal.  However, no one could foresee just how large a problem one particular illegal drug would create.  Methamphetamine (Meth) production and sales have grown exponentially in the last few years to a point where southeast Missouri is second only to the state of California in the manufacture of the drug.

The demand for service due to the methamphetamine plague has been a drain on every law enforcement agency in southeast Missouri, far exceeding both budgetary and tactical projections.  Sheriff Bullock decided that St. Francois County needed to respond and respond quickly to assist the Drug Task Force in reaching their goal of making the mineral area a safer and more drug-free place for people to live and raise their children.

Therefore in October 2000 
the St. Francois County I.C.E. Team was born.


The I.C.E. (Investigations & Criminal Enforcement) team was developed to give the Drug Task Force more eyes and ears in St. Francois County, as well as more personnel to assist the Task Force in operations in and around the county.  Every municipal law enforcement agency was invited to participate in the team.  At the time of this writing the team consists of members of the Mineral Area Drug Task Force, the St. Francois County Sheriff's Department, the Farmington Police Department, the Bonne Terre Police Department, the Desloge Police Department and the Bismarck Police Department.

Although formed to assist the Drug Task Force the I.C.E. Team will also act as a countywide Major Case Squad to aid in the investigation of any major crime which occurs in the county.  The Team also regularly performs surveillance, intelligence gathering, search warrant service and "knock and talk" visits to suspected drug locations.

If you have any information concerning criminal activity in St. Francois County, please call the I.C.E. Team hotline.

(573) 431-7314   EXT. 101

You may remain anonymous if you wish.   We appreciate your help in making St. Francois County a great place to live.
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