St. Francois County k-9 Unit
Burno with Deputy Tim Harris
In December 2006 I became the K9 handler for the St Francois County Sheriff’s Department. I was very familiar with K9's having worked along side a previous handler on many occasions whether tracking or searching vehicles.

On January 8th 2007 I arrived for training at the Vohne Liche Kennels in Peru, Indiana. The weather was very nice but that would soon change. The first day I was amazed at the things I learned. For almost 2 years I had worked along side the departments K9 but had never handled annother animal. It never crossed my mind as to exactly how much work actually goes into handling a dog and what must be done to control the K9 and create opportunities for them to work.

Over the following 5 weeks I learned so much. My dog Bruno assisted me since he had been through this training before. I learned how to track for criminals and missing children and adults. I learned how to search for illegal substances in numerous environments. I also learned that my new partner would protect me in any situation if the need arises. Over the next 4 weeks the temperature dropped and the snow fell. I worked in as much as 8 inches to a foot of snow and in temperatures reaching the negatives with wind chills as low as -25 degrees below zero.

On February 9th I graduated from Vohne Liche Kennels and am now certified both by VLK and AWD or American Working Dogs. Since returning to work my K9 and I have assisted with several calls including tracking, felony warrant arrests and numerous traffic stops with several narcotic finds. We are off to a great start and look forward to serving the great and honest citizens of St Francois County.

Remember, if you grow it, if you cook it, if you hide it…WE WILL FIND IT!!! - Deputy Tim Harris

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